Starting a blog

Today I almost finished the book "Why now is the time to crush it! Cash in your passion" by Gary Vaynerchuk.
Gary is one of the entrepreneurs I followed over a year on his youtube channel and one of probably so many young people he has inspired.




I never wanted to be self-employed until seeing his "daily vee". Now I am ultimately aiming to run a business, but far in the future. 
The message that resonates the most with me, is patience.

So if you've been patient enough up to this point, enjoy a brief summary of his book.

summary of crush it

  • "passion is everything"

Measure success in happiness. Live your passion. Be pumped every morning about what you're doing. There is nothing holding you back. But - family first. 

  • "everyone needs to start thinking  of themselves as a brand"

Everyone has a shot.

  • "success is in your DNA"

There has not to be a difference in who you are and what you do to earn a living. Tell your full story. Be you. Be authentic. People "sniff out" if you are faking it. Decisions between humans are based on personal connections, personal and business.

  • keep up with the change

Not from the book, but my favorite quote of Gary: "Don't be romantic about technology. It's just a tool".

  • product = "what you're most passionate about"

Merge passion with expertise. Do your homework.  Choose the medium which fits you and go all in. 

  • "the lure and lasso"

Allow people to come to you  in the first place and use other people's content to relate to you.

  • your blog is your "main home"

Different platform can be "vacation homes" pointing back to your home.

  • "invest in the important stuff"

You come last. Invest in the long-term future (research, content, staff ...), not in you. 

  • "hustle"

You can be worked out by less talented but more hard working. 

  • "You have to think about building  your brand in terms of a marathon, not a sprint" - patience
  • "Building and sustaining community is a never-ending part of [...] business"

Get into every conversation. Give people something to think about. Implement call-to-action. It is that one follower that changes everything for you.

From here it continues with hands on how to start, monetize and keep going. For me, the book served me as a starting point and motivation to start this blog. I will continue reading: If you feel like needing hands on help, you should refer to that resource.

*The quotes are out of the book "Why now is the time to crush it! Cash in your passion". I do not claim Gary Vaynerchuk's intellectual property or any credits belonging to him or the publisher. This is just a rough summary to give you an idea about the book and where to dig in more specifically.