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La La Land 2016


Best soundtrack of all times. Unbelievable performance of Emma Stone. 
The plot is in my opinion not as important as the feeling the viewers are confronted with. It is a mix of life's drama and how the one true love is inwoven into that.

On the one hand the broken existence of the Jazz pianist on the other the young woman who tries so hard to become a part of Hollywood as an actress.
They share their love but cannot share one space. Both fighting for them slowly realizing, they're breaking apart.

It makes the viewer realize the feeling of being close to someone is as fragile as love itself. 

The best moment is the time recap of how things should have been for a happy ending. It remains a bitter sweat sensation made out of broken love and fullfilled dreams and a kind of happiness that comes uncomfortable close to reality.
It is not the perfect love story, but in my opinion the perfect imperfection. The super bad first scene of dancing people is excused by last 10 minutes blowing setting a complete new standard on cinematic acting. The fusion of musical like 50s and a modern picture worked perfectly.

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Into the wild 2007


Christopher McCandless, also known as Alex Supertramp lived from 1968 to 1992 and was a plainless observer writing his life's journey which was first told in a book and then brought to the audience as a movie.

What makes him is special is to fully commit to his desire to tramp to Alaska, after he finished college.

The willingness to completly commit to his own happiness and leaving every single expectation of society aside is not only inspiring, it becomes scary. Up to the point where he dies in Alaska during the dramatic fight for survival eating a poisioness plant.
Since that picture, I want to travel to Alaska and see the magic bus myself. This one of a handfull of wishes I am looking forward to fullfill.  
Until today, "Into the wild" remains the most inspiring and most dramatic story that ever happened. Not because of the death of Christopher McCandless, because of his journey. It makes you think. A lot. And in the end I find myself watching that movie every now and then, reminding me: "We have a greed wich we agreed. Society you're a crazy breed. I hope you're not lonely without me." (excerpt from the soundtrack).



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Captain Fantastic 2016


The most honest and beautiful told story about a family sticking together. 

A family is raised by a father who teaches them everything they literally need to survive. The whole family is based in the wild, where they are disproportional well educated and living a healthy life.
Until they mother killed herself as a cause of a bipolar mental illness who used to be in treatment in a hospital.
For the ceremony the family leaves the usual surroundings and the collision with the US society is told with a lot of humor and contrast.
It's a cinematographic masterpiece. 

The bottom line is quiet similar to "Into the wild". But the focus lies on the family and how to raise children in this world. My favorite of 2016.










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The internet's own boy


The must see documentary.  Aaron Schwartz is one the most interesting and impressive characters of our time. The internet is used by us as something completely natural. We do not necessarily tend to think of it as a tool of democracy. Aaron dedicated his life to justice and making knowledge available to everyone. He really committed to the society and was treated very false by multiple institutions. 
It is a lesson, by now a historical one. It let's you think about your digital privileges and all the undemocratic and corrupt developments around you. You need to see this one!










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A war 2015


The picture shows the life of a danish officer fighting in Afghanistan against the Taliban. Being confronted with hard decisions to make as a soldier and being father for two kids as well as a husband for an overwhelmed wife shows the hardship of Claus (the officer's name).
After he lost a soldier in a fight, he got stuck again with his comrades in an ambush.

Calling for air support to rescue Lasse, a soldier who got hit, brings him right into a trial, where a danish military prosecutor is accuse him to not have a approved enemy sighting.
I cannot know or understand how it might be to fight as a soldier on the battle grounds, but I guess that movie gives a good insight how the personal life is connected and affected by serving as a soldier.
It is not one of the best produced movies. The real strength lies in the story telling and the use of contrast between civil and military life.






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